Your True Purpose

On Thursday, I went to an event run by Melanie McCarthy in Bendigo. The guest speaker was Karissa Cameron, and she spoke about purpose. It wasn’t just a purpose at work which she spoke about. It was a greater purpose – a true purpose of your life.

I have been reflecting on this for a while, and it was a good reminder to hear someone else verbalise much of what I have been mulling over.

true purpose

In this point in history and our culture, many of us think that our purpose must be associated with what we do for work. But this is not necessarily the case. Work could be something that we do so that we can fulfil our purpose in other areas of our life. 

You might feel a deep sense of purpose to a particularly charitable cause, or have a deep sense of improving your community, or the environment. These are beautiful and strong purposes to live for. 

I have thought and spoken about my deep sense of purpose for my life – to be of service. I can be of service in many ways in my life – through my work, through my community work and donation of my time, and through little acts of kindness throughout the day. My true purpose is to be of service.

Ultimately, I think that most of us have a true purpose to be of service – it’s just what we choose to serve and how we do that. Whether we choose to serve a charity, or humanity, or the planet, or the increase in knowledge, or just helping your elderly neighbour. You may also just want to be of service to your own family – sometimes perceived as a small service, but in fact the development of strong people and networks is fundamental.

So, if your true purpose is to be of service, just like me, then the question is how?

Hence, the ‘how’ is what I have really been mulling over a lot recently. 

Through legal work, I try to be of service – I try to help others do things that they can’t do for themselves. I try to help them resolve issues, and navigate through life in a way that they are protected. Yet this service often does not feel like enough, and is often not fulfilling. 

My business is taking up so much of my time, that I have had to reduce other areas where I have been of service in the past. I am not dedicating the time to Rotary, or my chambers of commerce that I would otherwise like to be. So my sense of serving my community is not being met. 

I have dreams of making a bigger impact, and yet I am not taking steps to fulfil this desire either.

Hence, hearing Karissa Cameron on Thursday night was a bit of a kick in the bum for me. If we are not pursuing our purpose, then what are we doing? Karissa was very much advocating taking just one step towards what we want, and hence starting that momentum. 

…so I am, and you will hear more throughout the year, or me chasing this bigger purpose. 

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