Who do you want to serve?

Who to serve and how to market to them are big topics in marketing. Spraying your marketing out to everyone means that it won’t land on anyone in particular, and won’t be infectious (excuse the pun). So, in marketing, there’s a lot of information about choosing a niche, and choosing a particular avatar or ideal client.

This is very applicable to professional services, and yet I still see a lot of general marketing being done by lawyers and accountants in particular.

who to serve?

So, if you’re in one of these fields, take a step back and think for a minute …:

  • who has been one of your best clients?
  • who have you really enjoyed working with/for?
  • what work do you really love to do?

Your best client financially, may also be your most difficult client. So it takes a deeper dive than just thinking from a financial perspective. You need to find a balance between work that is profitable and rewarding. And you need to think of a kind of person that needs that work, and with whom you want to work. 

I have 4 different avatars, or ideal clients, for each of my 4 primary practice areas. It’s not to say that I don’t do work for people who aren’t exactly like my ideal clients. But my marketing is all aimed at my ideal clients.

When you’re spending valuable resources (money and time) on marketing, you want it to actually work!

It’s deeper work than you might initially think. You should really think about the psychology of your ideal client, what they are feeling, what they enjoy in their life, what they are struggling with, what they spend their time doing, and how they express themselves. Armed with this information, you can truly serve them, and speak in their language to help them.

No longer can we have generalised messaging – it will not cut through. Interruption marketing is working less and less, because we have millions of messages in our worlds everyday. Our attentions spans are shorter, and we are smarter about what advertising is doing to us. 

You need to do this work for the sake of your business, and then apply it! It won’t happen overnight, but once you get your language and your messaging correct for the person you want to serve, then you will start having cut-through again.

You will stand out for your ideal client, and the person you want to serve. You don’t need to have your messaging reach anyone else – don’t worry about the rest of the world and what they’re doing. Just worry about reaching your ideal client.

Other people will still naturally find you, and word of mouth still exists. But when you’re spending valuable resources (money and time) on marketing, you want it to actually work! So don’t spray your marketing out to everyone. Do the work to know exactly who to want to serve, and then speak to that person through your marketing. 

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