The Power of Connection

When I originally wrote this title for the blog, I had been thinking about connecting with your clients and your audience. But the more I sat looking at the screen, the more I realised that I was thinking about deeper connections with friends, and ultimately, the connection with yourself. 

As I’ve written before, there’s a lot of talk in business and marketing circles about being ‘authentic’ … but how do you be authentic when you are unsure who you truly are or what you really want?

If you are unsure of who you are, then you end up sharing (or over-sharing) elements of your life that are what you think other people want to see. You are not actually being authentic – you’re just letting people see more of your lies. Because, you’re also lying to yourself.

power of connection

Yes, there’s power in making authentic connections with your clients and your audience. But the real power comes earlier. 

The power comes with self-exploration and reflection. The power comes with connecting with who you want to be and your values. The power comes with allowing yourself to be yourself, and to have deep relationships with friends and family.

Then you can take that inner power and truly be authentic. Your connection with your work and your clients will be deeper than if you haven’t connected with yourself.

Because my original thought for this blog was accurate – there is a power that comes with true connection. When someone connects with you, because they share something with you, then they truly want to work with you. When someone admires your values, and your approach to your work, then they connect with you. 

When you be authentic, and the power is also because you connect with people who you also want to work with.

When you have a true connection with someone through your work, they are more likely to want to reciprocate. Potentially by helping you in some way, or by telling their friends about their experience working with you.

How do you connect? Well, you must communicate. Communication involves listening, as well as verbal and non-verbal engagement. Communication must involve vulnerability, sharing, and inspiring others. 

Connections also involves getting off your electronic devices, too. Actually being present and engaged with those around you. 

But first it takes connecting with yourself – being present and engaging with yourself. Getting off your devices for yourself, and being truthful with yourself.  

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