The importance of masterminding

I have just spent another two days in a Zoom workshop, in lockdown. But this workshop was a pleasure – it was my women’s marketing mastermind.

Before lockdown, I would go up to Sydney each quarter for a two-day workshop with a mastermind group of women. Now we’ve moved onto Zoom, and it’s still extremely valuable. 

Lawyers, and even those in professional services, can have a fairly narrow scope of learning about business and marketing. The answers for problems in a law firm business or other professional practice is often not to do what they’ve already done, or to look to others in their own industry.


Much of the value that I get in my mastermind is learning from women in really broad industries.

Things occurring in other industries, and brought back to a law firm, can be a significant innovation. Such as:

  • video sequence marketing
  • marketing on IGTV
  • customer experiences
  • using webinars to drive sales, and 
  • email nurture sequences

Having recommendations from other women in business about books to read has also been pivotal to broadening my learning, such as:

  • Influence by Dr Caldini
  • Known by Mark Schaefer
  • Storybrand by Donald Miller
  • Clockwork by Mike Muchalowicz, and
  • Choose by Ryan Levesque

There are benefits from doing marketing training and courses from others in the legal industry, or other professional services industries, to a degree. They have a better understanding of the people and problems we are dealing with, so can help with ideas about the language to use in marketing. 

But often the deeper learnings, and the creativity, can be drawn from other industries and brought back and applied to our own.

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