Surprisingly Touching

As a business owner, I have developed a lot of relationships with clients and other business owners. But rarely have I had a moment this touching …

I want to be known, but I also want to know and care about other business owners in my community. Business owners need to stick together, to a degree, because know one else truly understands us other than other business owners …

Some of the relationships I have intentionally sought out and cultivated and those with financial planners, particularly women in the financial planning space who are doing amazing things.

My own financial planner, Tracey Sofra, is also a great referral partner for me. Her business sends me clients for estate planning, and I sent her business clients for financial planning. 

This week, I was at the gala dinner that Tracey’s business puts on each year for its clients.

I was recognised, amongst four in total, of their clients that have referred people to them. They are rewarding those who support them via referrals.

I was extreme touched, because I refer people to Tracey because she is good, and because my clients need help.

I hope that it also works in reverse.

surprisingly touching

I don’t do it for any other return than good service for clients.

Yet, it was extremely touching to be recognised, and a complete surprise to me.

It was surprisingly touching, and it has further deepened my feelings and trust towards Tracey and her team. 

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