I enjoy speaking on topics close to my heart such as those below. However, I am happy to tailor my talk to the needs of the audience, so please contact me for further information.

Jacqui Brauman speaking
Jacqui Brauman
Jacqui Brauman

Women’s Leadership

Being the Boss

Focusing on female leadership, equality and excellence, and challenging girls hating on girls, the glass ceiling, and our own mindsets so that we can become leaders for the next generation of women.

How to Find and Hire the Right Lawyer

Access to Justice

Shame, fear and embarrassment are some of the reasons why up to 83% of women do not get professional advice when they face a legal problem. From an industry insider, get guidance about skill, costs, what to ask, and what alternatives exist.

High emotion = Low intelligence

Conflict and decision making

Many women are avoidance of conflict, believing that women are not good at negotiating. This is not true, with the right skills and tools, and awareness of how our emotions affect our brains. Better decision making results in better outcomes.

Estate Planning

Protecting the future of your children and grandchildren, and protecting their inheritance

Many people do not want to think about what would happen to their families if something happened to them. But the discomfort of thinking about it and taking control whilst you can is far less than the difficulties you could be leaving your loved one if you don’t address your estate planning.