Some Political Reflections

Like many in my generation, I am dissatisfied with politics. I am sick of the polarisation. I am sick of politics driving by issues and minorities, and not by a firm vision for our country. I am sick of how the media reports on politics. I just don’t see much hope in it, particular when there are things happening in the world like the Trump election, Brexit and the French election.

In years past, the two main parties in Australia seemed to stand for something, and families used to be aligned with a certain party. My family has traditionally been Labor voters, because they were working class and relied on the unions.

political reflectionsUntil the 1970s Labor used to be fairly conservative, for a left wing party. The Liberal party, our right wing party, was actually quite progressive in many ways, although also very conservative in others, and typically more elite that the Labor members.

Now, the parties do not stand for much. Our Liberal party is very much in the centre, for a right wing party. This is because our country is very liberal, generally, and many of the left’s original goals have been achieved.

Our Labor party no longer stands for big ideas. They should have a broad policy to stand up for minorities, and have a clear message of equality. But they don’t. They have become defenders of ‘political correctness’, and the general feeling is that this has gone way too far.


We are now no longer able to have intelligent conversations about important issues, without the left wing parties throwing around unfair labels disguised as their counter-argument. Labels like ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’ and others have been used too readily for those on the left to stop a conversation when they are lacking a firm argument in their favour.

I would have considered myself a Labor voter, having been raised in such a family. But I am not blind or ignorant to the deterioration of the position and policies of the left wing in Australia. I now consider myself in the centre of politics, because the Liberal party has policies which I agree with (definitely not all), and so does the Labor party. The Greens also have policies that I support. But none of the parties can offer me a complete package.

I don’t want our country to follow the USA and focus on individual politics. I want one of the parties to put together a comprehensive vision for the future of Australia, and for their message to be clear regardless of the voice projecting it. I don’t want parties to be pandering to minorities – address the minority issues in the overall policy, and stick to it. Not everyone is entitled to something when we’re working towards the future of an entire nation.

Let’s get out some career politicians from government, and let’s put in some real people with proper support behind them.

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