Small firm marketing basics that I’ve learnt

Having been solely responsible for the marketing of my own small firm for 8 years, and having undertaken lots of research and courses, I can easily say that if these basics are employed by a small firm marketing team then they will have consistent results:


Don’t just market when it goes quiet – you need to be showing up with your small firm marketing consistently to build trust. If someone were to do some research on your firm, and your website hasn’t been updated for 6 months, and no posts have been made on your Facebook Page for 6 months, then they may not trust you.

To be consistent, you need to decide what you can commit to doing regularly, without fail. Is that a weekly or fortnightly blog? It that 3 posts to Facebook each week? Choose something, and be consistent.

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Stay front of mind with your existing clients

Many, many industries have done the research to know that it costs more to get a new client than to keep a client and gain the entire life value from that existing client. The legal industry is not unique. So how do you make sure you do keep existing clients?

Doing a good job is not enough. Many firms can do a good job. If a client cannot remember much about you after a couple of years, they don’t have to be loyal to you. They will use someone else, if another firm is recommended to them, or is more convenient.

So stay front of mind with your existing clients. Send a newsletter. Have an email list and reach out regularly. Or target them on Facebook so the like your Page, and then keep getting your posts.

Can people find you?

Google is the go-to search engine in Australia. Has your firm maximised its potential for being found? If you don’t have a Google business listing, then you’re not likely to come up on the local search map. If you’re not regularly posting to a Google business page, then you may not be prioritised by Google. Make sure you have your business hours, your services, and photos loaded directly to Google. 

Don’t under-estimate the power of Google in your small firm marketing. 

What’s your message?

Prospective clients don’t care about the name of your firm. They want to know whether you can solve their problem. Don’t use a traditional resume-style advertisement, where the name of your firm is the prominent item, and then you dot-point your services. Most potential clients don’t relate to what you call your services – how does that help them if they don’t even know what their problem is called?

Some larger firms have adopted this approach, particularly in the TAC claims and worker compensation areas. But they don’t do it very well – too dramatic and even inauthentic. As a small firm, you can talk more to your community because you know them, and you know the problems your clients face. Use their language, and describe how you can help them. 

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