She can say whatever she wants now

I was a bit late, but just watched Julie Bishop’s interview with Andrew Denton, available on catch-up TV on the channel 7 app.

I have found Julie Bishop very interesting over the years. She has always presented very well. But while the Liberal Party was in opposition, Julie just seems to play the game and was very nasty. Then in her role as foreign affairs minister, she really shone. What I didn’t remember was her behaviour as a cabinet minister for John Howard, and what she was like in question time.

What I found very interesting in her interview was how she viewed the various roles she had played, and how she consciously behaved very differently in question time in the various roles. This goes to show how much politics is a game of point scoring, and no one being authentic at all.


During her interview, I believe we saw moments of Julie being authentic. But I think it’s still too soon since her retirement from politics for her to be truly candid. I think give her a couple more years, and we’ll start to see the true Julie who has lost the political armour. 

Julie did talk about ‘gender deafness’, and her experience as the only woman in the room on multiple occasions. She thought it was just an experience she was having – that it must have been about how she was communicating or something about her that made them not take her seriously. But she did realise, after talking with other female leaders, that it was a fairly common thing that women experience. 

She is starting to say that 50% of women in parliament would be critical mass for the culture to start changing. 

She was also fairly candid about the leadership spill of Malcolm Turnbull, and again the complete overlooking of her by her own Party – that she had committed 20 years to. She is still too gracefully to be truly candid about her personal feelings, but she talked about the events leading up to it, and afterwards, and she talked about feeling over of control. 

For a woman who has achieved so much, I am truly looking forward to what she turns her energy and talent to next. 

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