Self worth v Self confidence

For many, including myself, going into business is the steepest path to personal development, but probably not the fastest path. I suppose it depends on how open you are to change, or how deeply ingrained some of the beliefs are that are blocking your progress.

I spoke with a business coach recently whom I had worked with nearly 3 years ago, and it was great to reflect on how much has happened in that time, and how far I’ve come. I had self confidence back then, but I didn’t have any self worth.

self worth

3 years ago, I was struggling mostly with mindset. I would beat myself up constantly, and I was never focusing on the positive, and I was always anxious about the future. I have written before about having a bi-polar business, because the ups and downs every day were extreme – mostly due to my own mind. 

Now, I am much more in control of my monkey-mind. I have really embraced the concept that I have created what I currently have, and if I don’t like it, then I have control to change it. This was hard to embrace initially, and it’s also tied up the the concept of having self worth rather than self confidence.

So I have explored these concepts more, because I think the difference in my mindset over the last 3 years has been developing self-worth.

Self confidence is a feeling of competence – trust in one’s own judgment, ability and power. This can be learnt and developed and encouraged. As you improve, it reinforces itself.

Comparatively, self worth cannot be learned or obtained – it is a knowing that comes from within. It is the basis of a happy and fulfilled life. Only if you feel worthy of growing, learning and achieving will you do so.

Hence, with a low self worth but high self confidence, I was defensive about my knowledge. I felt that although I was highly competent, I was unworthy of it and unworthy of respect. It resulted in self-sabotaging behaviour, and me being a very harsh critic of myself to match my low feeling of self worth.

But by learning more about who I am, I am learning that I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I am realising my fundamental worthiness. I am worthy of respect, happiness and being myself. 

What has any of this got to do with business? 

Well, it’s crucial for the growth of your business, to have self worth, or you may jut sabotage growth because you don’t think you’re worthy of it.

Self worth is also crucial from a leadership perspective. Because you are worthy of respect, but worthy of being a leader too, and worthy of being able to mentor and offer learning. You’re worthy of creating a culture that you and your staff can thrive in. 

Hence, the best think you can ask yourself is: what are you worthy of?  And make a full page list of all the things you’re worthy of, to reinforce to yourself of your innate self worth.

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