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cult of dissatisfaction book

The Cult of Dissatisfaction

Empowering unhappy professional women to make a change

Dissatisfaction is something which appears to be ever present in today’s society. It comes from many sources and is difficult to pin down to one thing, or a single life event.

It is something which seems to have increased with our wealth and is an emotion as destructive as they come.

Often, we feel like we are not in control of the way we feel. This book will give you an opportunity to change what you can influence, helping you to identify the limitations and the social pressures which lead to the feelings of dissatisfaction.

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About the Law

in case of emergency book

In Case of Emergency

A practical guide for young families in the event of injury or death

This is a guide that every parent should read before spending another day away from your kids!

Most of us have not planned at all for the time when we are not here. We plan for things that may never happen: fire and earthquake. We plan for things that are not particularly important: trips to the supermarket. We spend large amounts of time planning our children’s birthday parties and play dates. So why do we fail to plan for something guaranteed to happen: our eventual death? It’s just a matter of time.

The plans and preparations you make today will impact generations to come, and this guide is the beginning to understanding how quick and easy it is to do the right thing for the people you love most.

This book is about living the best life you can, leaving the world a better place and setting the foundation for success for your spouse, children, and loved ones, no matter how long you live and no matter how much money you leave behind.

In an easy-to-read story format, In Case of Emergency shows you how to plan and prepare for a serious injury or death.

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The Sandwich Generation

A practical guide to estate planning for those with elderly parents and adult children

Estate planning for people who find themselves feeling responsible for ageing elderly parents, as well as looking after adult children (with adult children still living at home, or their adult children are starting to have children).

This generation is sandwiched between the other generations, feeling responsible for both, and having to make sure everyone’s affairs are in order.

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death and social media book

Death and Social Media

A guide to your digital estate after death

This is a guide that everyone who uses social media, buys online, or even has email!

Most of us either don’t keep track of our passwords and online accounts, or if we do, we keep that list passwords protected! This is all good and well to protect your information from theft, but who can access and close your accounts if something happens to you?

If you were to die, how hard would it be for your loved ones to troll through your online accounts and close things down? You may have automatic payments that need to be cancelled, you may have personal photos that need to be retrieved and saved, and you may have social media accounts that your family doesn’t want to become memorial pages.

This book is about leaving things as easy as you can for your loved ones, and understanding how quick and easy it is to do the right thing for the people you love most.

In an easy-to-ready format, Death and Social Media shows you how to plan and prepare for your online life to be managed in the event of serious injury or death.

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About Mindset

steps to success for women book

Steps to Success for Women

Traits to develop to ensure you design your own fate

This book shows that it is the woman with the unwavering aim who can cut her way through opposition and forge to the front.

For the woman who knows that they have a higher purpose, these stories and themes will get the energy throbbing through you so that you will achieve great things.

Your excuses will be exploded, because with indomitable will and inflexible purpose, you will realise that many people have succeeded from common situations to become great.

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graduate the school of hard knocks book

Graduate the School of Hard Knocks

I believe in the potential inside every block of human marble. I believe it must be carved out in The School of Hard Knocks.

I believe all this pride, vanity, selfishness, self-righteousness, hypocrisy and human frailty are the excess marble that must be chipped away.

I believe the Hard Knocks cannot injure the potential, but can only reveal it.

Your success depends on how quickly you learn life’s lessons, and how well.

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