Lost Confidence

I did some sales training last week, and a key part of the training was the concept that it’s easy to sell if you’re confident that the customer will get the results that you claim.

The trainer used a bad example with me when she asked: will your family law clients get the result they want?

I couldn’t confidently say that they could.

lost confidence

I am confident that they would keep their integrity, working with my firm.

I am confident that they would get as quick a result as we could get.

I am confident that we would do our very best for them.

But am I confident that they would get the result they wanted? No.

Maybe that’s partly our fault for not setting expectations correctly.

But it’s also because I’ve completely lost confidence in the family law system in Australia.

I have lost confidence in other solicitors behaving with professionalism and integrity. 

And I’ve lost confidence in the court system, because it’s too busy to give anyone the time they deserve. 

This is part of the reason why I am so passionate about creating something else … some other system or means that actually does get the results that my clients (and women) want from the legal system. 

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