Launching Legally Wise Women

Many young people choose to do a law degree because they want to make a difference in people’s lives. I was very much the same – I had a strong human rights and civil justice passion as a young woman. 

Then the realities of practice and working in the justice system hits. Not many who go through the justice system are happy.

Why should you care about all those poor lawyers, including me, who are unfulfilled?

Well, you really don’t have to. But it’s relevant to many projects that are now be spawned during COVID-19 and with the increased aware of injustices with the Black Lives Matter movement. Including my new project.

In the last few months, my project ‘Legally Wise Women’ was accepted into the College of Law’s Centre for Legal Innovation incubator. 

Legally Wise Women

Legally Wise Women is an access to justice project that I have wanted to start for a couple of years, and that has probably been at my core for much longer.

What we know:

  • there is a huge gap of who can access legal services. Only 8% qualify for community or Legal Aid, and less than 20% can afford private legal fees. That missing middle needs to be helped
  • there is a gap in knowledge about what an issue is a legal issue, and when there is a legal solution
  • it is extremely difficult to find relevant legal information, because there is too much, and very little curation
  • it is hard and intimidating to find a lawyer or other assistance
  • it is hard to judge the quality and effectiveness of the lawyer or service that is being used, and
  • the adversarial nature of the legal system has biases against women – how we communicate, our decision making process, and our value systems.

Legally Wise Women will address a lot of these issues, through increasing the legal literacy of women.

We know you want a fair outcome, and you want to make informed decisions. But you don’t know where to start, and you’re worried that engaging the wrong lawyer can cost you time and money. It can – choosing the wrong lawyer could result in you being in expensive litigation that takes months or years to end. And usually in the end, you’re so warn down that you don’t even feel relief, let alone satisfaction in the outcome. 

Part of the beta version of Legally Wise Women is a course “How to Find and Hire the Right Lawyer”. This course will save you time and money, so you can understand how lawyers work, how to find one with the right skill level for you, and how to engage and work with them in a way that keeps your costs low. 

You will also have access to the Legally Wise Women community, with over a hundred free videos and ongoing weekly learnings, and community of women going through similar experiences as you. 

It is a safe place where you won’t be judged for your fears or decisions. Our fortnightly Q&A sessions will also allow you to submit a specific problem that you’re having to be answered for you. This will help you to communicate your goals clearer and make better decisions. 

Join the hub of legal knowledge for women.

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