Charter for the Advancement of Women

My firm, TBA Law, and I have become signatories to the Law Institute of Victoria’s Charter for the Advancement of Women.

The LIV Charter for the Advancement of Women seeks to unite the Victorian legal profession in supporting women and gender equality in the workplace.

The LIV has adopted the NSW Law Society’s Charter for the Advancement of Women in the Legal Profession and its accompanying Guidelines, recognising the importance of a consistent approach across Uniform Law jurisdictions.

The LIV Charter prompts signatories to establish procedurally fair and transparent sexual discrimination and harassment complaints processes, among other commitments.

The Charter aims to promote and support strategies to retain women from all backgrounds in the profession over the course of their careers, including women with disability, and encourage their progression into senior executive and management positions.

The Guidelines accompanying the Charter provide examples to assist law practices to fulfil their Charter commitments in respect of women in the profession.

The signatories to the Charter agree to continue working together with the LIV to form a common understanding and collective focus towards addressing attitudes that give rise to gender inequality.

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