Accidental Feminists

I bought Accidental Feminists after hearing Jane Caro speak on The Garrett podcast. I wanted to hear from a real feminist. Someone who is in my mum’s generation and has lived through what I have heard about through Mum. I wanted to hear it from someone fierce, though.

The book has pointed out so many things that has helped me to understand my mum. Jane has pushed and pioneered in her confident way, whereas my mum has struggled and become bitter or resigned. 

Accidental feminist

From Jane : “…What we were told was that our duty was to care for others, that as you know it had always been for women that our job was to facilitate other people to have brilliant lives and that caring was our first duty. And I was lucky I was the daughter of a mouthy feminist. And so I was a naughty girl – rebellious, outspoken, disobedient, all those kinds of things. My friends were much much better behaved than I was and really tried to do what they thought, had been told, was the right thing to do are actually the ones who’ve been most thoroughly betrayed, and who have found themselves at the end of a life where they have put their caring duties first. You know they have worked. Yes but they’ve done part time work. They’ve come in and out of the workforce to care for small children and elderly parents, whoever needed it. And who found themselves shafted at 50 because you know, older women are such a downer.You don’t want those in the workforce. And who are on Newstart in their 50s and 60s and who are in real… you know really looking forward to a poverty stricken old age at best and a homeless old age at worst. Breaks my heart…

“…I think that feminism has really been turbo charged, particularly by social media. But I think it’s not just feminism, I think in a way every outgroup has because what social media has done is it’s given women, LGBTQI, people of colour who with a disability… Anyone who doesn’t live a kind of whit straight male life unmediated access to the public conversation for the first time in history. And what’s happened is we’ve suddenly had an explosion of new voices, and those voices actually have something urgent interesting and personal to say.

accidental-feminist-cover“…I think there’s been a new energy particularly with #MeToo. And I think what women are finally starting to access, which is really interesting, is their anger. Whereas I think women found anger… it was almost forbidden to them. And so feminism was seen and feminist books were seen as angry books, and therefore ‘Angry women, you don’t want to read about that’. But now suddenly angry women are okay. And what’s interesting to me…

“…When I was young, women were very rightly judged by everyone including one another. It was a really actually a scary place to be as a woman. You were always wrong and and always being judged as not good enough. And so I let my anger rip on coming up with the chapter titles. And then of course that was an actually really good way of doing it, because then I knew what I wanted to write about in the order in which I wanted to write it. And it was all about things like money and how how were women seen in relation to money or love or sex or education or all the all the things that make up life. How were my generation of girls expected to behave? And how did that turn out? And where are we at now?”

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