3 systems you can fix now in your professional practice

When professionals talk about systems, the immediate thought is often to the software – the practice management system, and the workflow systems that are in place.

But, if you don’t have the following systems set up properly, then it doesn’t matter how good your internal software is, if you don’t have clients.

  1. Your client attraction system

Yes, essentially, this is your frontline marketing system, and a strategy for recency and frequency is what you need here.


You need to know who the ideal clients are that you are trying to attract, so that your messaging and images are attractive. If you’re marketing to everyone just with a lit of what you can do, no one will care.

You also need a strategy that you know you can consistently apply. It builds trust when someone sees that you are able to stick to a system of weekly posts. Also, marketing should not only be done when you don’t have work – so your system needs to be a system that you know you can continue to implement even when you are busy.

Work out what platform to focus on – where your ideal clients are – and work out how frequently you’re going to post, and what you’re going to post. (I.e. on Mondays, share your last blog; on Wednesday’s share an image of your team; and Fridays could be something inspirational or that demonstrates your values).

Also work out a lead magnet or two. Because if you’re attracting someone with your messaging, what is their next step to finding out more about you without taking the huge leap to making an appointment? A lead magnet, or something that gets your ideal client to give you their email, is crucial so that you can to the next step … engaging. 

  1. Your client engagement system

Stop giving away free appointments! Your clients should be well and truly engaged with your firm and know about you before you have an appointment. A free appointment was traditionally so that someone could test out whether they want to work with you or not. Now, people will do that online through your content. 

So if someone calls your office, they’ve already decided that they want to work with you, so don’t waste your valuable time with more free content (a free appointment). Your client attraction and engagement system will give them plenty of free information that you don’t need to also offer a free appointment. 

And don’t pay for any marketing for your client attraction system, until you have your client engagement system worked out. Because if you can’t engage the people that you’re attracting, then it’s wasted money.

So what is included in your client engagement system?

  • email nurture sequences
  • videos
  • webinars
  • free downloads
  • ebooks, and
  • phone scripts for when people actually call.

All this is designed so that you attract people who you want to work with, so that they’re already educated on how you do business and what you do, and so they know your process and your costs before even booking an appointment.

  1. Your client retention system

Finally, just because you do a good job on one mater for someone, doesn’t make them loyal. If it’s years between legal matters in someone’s life, then people these days don’t just stick with who they’re used once or twice before. 

You need to stay front of mind, you need to stay relevant, and you need continually demonstrate what you can do. How do you do this?

The easiest way is to add them to your newsletter list, and send a newsletter monthly or fortnightly. You’re already producing content to share as part of your client attraction system, so you can also re-use this content and include it in an email newsletter.

You’re also going to make sure your clients follow your social media channels, that they get special invitations to your webinars or other events, and even that they get a six-month after-service phone call.

Some services may require a follow up review after a couple of years, so make sure you’re implementing a system of initiating reviews. 

Now is the time, as the world is changing, to get your systems in place to ensure a continual flow of clients. 

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